Friday, February 15, 2008

The Miser

March 13-April 6, 2008

By Moliere

Translated by David Chambers

Directed by Robert Currier

SEATTLE – He is a whirling dervish of paranoid greed. Harpagon is one of Moliere’s most notorious characters and Seattle Shakespeare Company unleashes him on stage for its production of The Miser. In a translation by David Chambers, Robert Currier directs The Miser which opens on Friday, March 14. The production runs through April 6 (low priced preview on March 13) at the Center House Theatre at Seattle Center .

Support for Seattle Shakespeare Company’s production of The Miser is provided by the Seattle Foundation, Norcliffe Foundation, Mayor’s Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, and 94.9 KUOW.

In The Miser, Monsieur Harpagon is a skinflint’s skinflint. He’d rather marry off both of his children than part with one measly cent. So he attempts to…and nobody’s happy about it! Through silly scheming, bamboozling banter, and disguised identities, everyone in Harpagon’s household tries to pry either a lover or a fortune from the greedy geezer’s grasping hands.

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