Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Compendium of Nastiness - The Womb

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In the style of Classical Gothic Melodrama seen through the visionary eyes of director and creator Ki Gottberg, we see a new way in which the good of innocence and virtue will triumph over evil. "The Compendium of Nastiness" takes ideas from "The Devil's Elixer" (1825) and "The Castle Spectre" (1797) and converts them to Ki's very special long-nail tickle [see show for details!]. It is the classic struggle of good versus evil where good will triumph and virtue will be saved with a few bumps and turns and convulsions along the way.

Creator and Director Ki Gottberg has gone past the point of no return into a world of fantastical and spectacular visual and experiential perception. Her work reaches out to a mature and intellectual audience through the lens of the bizarre and amazing. The puppetry that is used is beautiful, adorable, clever and extraordinary. Her simplistic set and environment draw one into her world.

Actress Elizabeth Kenny puts forth a valiant effort that is most certainly not in vain. Her performance and story telling ability are forces to be reckoned with. The story she tells and the manner in which she tells it is complex and straightforward for a cast of six. She holds all six in her hands and performs better than six together.

Simplicity and complexity meet in this extraordinary performance piece. Find a babysitter and experience "The Compendium of Nastiness."

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Upcoming Shows

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The Winter's Tale >October 26 – November 19, 2006
The Comedy of Errors >January 4 - Januray 28, 2007

Seattle Repertory Theater
(206) 443-2222
Thom Pain (Based on Nothing) >October 5 – November 5, 2006
The Great Gatsby >November 2 – December 10, 2006

ACT Theater Seattle
The Underpants >October 13 - November 12, 2006
Waiting for Godot >November 8 - 12, 2006

Seattle Opera
(206) 389-7676
L'Italiana in Algeri >October 14 - 28, 2006
Don Giovanni >January 13 - 27, 2007

L'Italiana in Algeri - Seattle Opera

October 14-28, 2006
McCaw Hall
(206) 389-7676 for tickets

If Rossini, Moliere and Sondheim and collaborated on an Opera-comedy, Seattle Opera's production of "L'Italiana in Algeri" (The Italian Girl in Algiers) is what would happen. This story-book telling of the forlorn love story brings to life the imagination of an innocent mind seeing, for the first time, deceit, lust and love.

As Isabella (Stephanie Blythe or Helene Schneiderman) searches the deserts of Algiers for her lost lover Lindoro (William Burden or Lawrence Brownlee), she is captured by the lusty Mustafa (Simone Alberghini or Kevin Burdette) so that he can satisfy his desire for an Italian Girl. He throws out his wife, Elvira (Sally Wolf), by thrusting her upon Lindoro. When Isabella finds this situation, she uses her feminine whiles and complete and total power over all men to rectify the situation so that, in the end, the good guys will win and the bad guys will "see but not see" what exactly has happened to them.

The entire cast is extremely strong. Those carrying intense roles such as Lindoro, Isabella and Mustafa have an amazing stage presence and overwhelm the audience with their power and potency. Meanwhile the support behind the heavy-hitters is completely indispensable. From Taddeo (Earle Patriarco) to Vlad the Impaler (David Smith-Larson), every cast member carries their role with poise and technical skill that could make the best performers rethink their abilities.

Director Chris Anderson along with Conductor Edoardo Muller bring this production together in a very efficient and acute manner. With a show as Wiley as "L'Italiana," one can easily get lost and confused with seemingly arbitrary or overly lengthy portions. However, Anderson's direction of the blocking and actions keep the audience involved and on their toes. David Woolard's costumes are a wonderful introduction for him to the Seattle Opera. His color schemes match perfectly with Robert Innes Hopkins' sets. Meanwhile, Duane Schuler's lights compliment every moment of the production perfectly.

Overall, this production is extremely enjoyable and thrilling. It will keep you entertained and laughing throughout the entire show and begging for more during intermission and on the way home.