Saturday, February 09, 2008

By The Waters of Babylon

Seattle Repertory Theatre
Tickets at the box office (206) 443-2222 or online
January 31 - March 2, 2008

With smart and interconnected design elements mixed with dynamic acting, By The Waters of Babylon hits the stage at The Seattle Rep. This show works to bring a new twist to the age old plot line of two different worlds colliding in an everyday life situation, which leads the characters to expose inner feelings about themselves, ultimately culminating in a love affair that unearths deep rooted emotion. The plot focus is reached through a mix of sarcastic humor, deep moments, and dramatic events. At times, this string of influences leads to confusion as the true point of the show is never made clear. The audience is presented with a humorous show and interesting characters, but the focus seems to get lost.

The scene is set in a garden outside a house filled with dark secrets that the owner leaves shrouded behind her happy go lucky demeanor. The Set design’s garden motif (Designed by Michael Ganio) is a constant theme that not only symbolizes the connection to the plot, but the connection to the life of the character who has been burying her secrets underneath years of bramble. Complimented by the lighting (York Kennedy) this set came to life in a effective and fluid manner, transitioning beautifully to different parts of the day, and different places around the house.

The density of these characters is pulled off very well by Suzanne Bouchard and Armando Duran who bring a very confident and strong dynamic to a tedious interaction. They attack the show and grab the audiences attention from the moment the lights hit the stage. See By The Waters of Babylon written by Pulitzer Prize winning writer Robert Schenkkan at The Seattle Repertory Theatre between January 31 and March 2, 2008.

Reviewed by: Rick Skyler

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