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Sister's Christmas Catechism - ACT

Sister’s Christmas Catechism


November 27, 2009 – January 3, 2010

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Aubrey Manning as Sister in Sister's Christmas Catechism.

I’m sure that many of our readers have experience Catholic or Parochial school in some capacity or another. Whether you are a public school survivor who ended up at Seattle University for four years, or you were basically raised by ruler-wielding Nuns, most people have had a brush with the Catholic education system in some way. Well, if you are one of those readers who has experienced the trials and tribulations of a Catholic education or if you have never set foot in any remotely Catholic educational establishment (be it Church, school or tree-toting neighbor’s home), Sister’s Christmas Catechism will send you rolling down the aisles with laughter.

Sister (Aubrey Manning – Late Night Catechism at ACT, Seattle longest-running show, for over ten years) takes us on a journey back in time to the night Jesus was born in that little manger in Bethlehem. But not all was silent that night; it seems that her obsessive viewing of Forensic Files has led her to the conclusion that someone has made off with the magi’s gold! It will take a brave lot of audience members to reenact the scene of the crime dressed as the First Family, the Three Kings, the Shepherd and, of course, the sheep, ox and the loveable and fantastically graceful ass (yours truly on December 3 - see below).

Aubrey Manning and founder Andrew J. Perez in 'Sister's Christmas Catechism.' Photo provided by ACT.

As far as productions go, Sister’s Christmas Catechism is a roaring good time. Manning’s performance is unparalleled in improvisational comedy and interactive audience participation. Her presence and poise on stage is an absolute delight to experience and her unending fountain of canonical knowledge would set any Nun straight in regards to just who is the patron saint of what.

ACT’s presentation of Sister’s Christmas Catechism ties in wonderfully with their Allan Theater’s current production, A Christmas Carol. Obviously, both deal with the Christmas season and holiday, but they also touch on the more important topics of love toward our fellow women and men and embracing the holiday spirit. Whether you follow the beliefs of the Catholics, Jews, Hindus or any spiritual path (or none) under the sun, Sister’s Christmas Catechism is a hilarious production that ought not be missed.

The Live Nativity scene from Sister's Christmas Catechism. Photo provided by ACT.

Review by Andrew J. Perez

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