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A Christmas Carol - ACT

A Christmas Carol


November 27 – December 27, 2009

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Kurt Beattie and Chloe Forsythe. Photo by Chris Bennion, 2009.

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is one of the most beloved stories of all time. Likewise, ACT’s A Christmas Carol (adapted for the stage by Gregory A. Falls) has become one of Seattle’s most beloved holiday traditions. The story is one we all know well. We’ve seen it performed on screen by some of the finest actors to have ever lived, we’ve seen it performed by Muppets or on a 3-D IMAX screen, we’ve had it read to us by our elementary school teachers and perhaps even delved deeper into the story in high school or college classes. However, nothing quite brings the story home like seeing Seattle’s finest perform this immortal and heartwarming story in the beautiful Allan Theatre space at ACT.

This year’s rendition of A Christmas Carol gives the audience an opportunity to take a step back from life for ninety minutes and roll back into a simpler time (covered in snow!). Kurt Beattie and R. Hamilton Wright co-directed the production and share the role of Ebenezer Scrooge on alternating performances. They are surrounded with an outstanding cast and crew of designers and technicians who all come together to bring the story to life, waking the holiday spirit in all of us.

This particular production is also much more carefree and fun-loving than the darker take that last year’s production took. R. Hamilton Wright’s performance as Scrooge is fantastically child-like. His moment-to-moment reactions and attentiveness to the action at hand is unrivaled and he takes this opportunity to shine. Similarly, the entire production this year feels as light as a snowflake on the tip of Tiny Tim’s nose. Every detail glides together to form a heart-warming and loveable show for all who take the time to enjoy it.

On behalf of and (I feel I can speak for us) the Seattle theatre and theatre-going community, we thank ACT for kicking off the holiday season right. Happy holidays!

Review by Andrew J. Perez

R. Hamilton Wright. Photo by Chris Bennion, 2009.

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