Sunday, May 10, 2009


SEATTLE - Graduating seniors at Seattle University, Kenna Morgan Kettrick and Andrew J. Perez complete their final year of college with their new and fully original musical "RAGNAROK: The Twenty-Minute Musical!"

Based on the legends of Loki, the Norse god of Chaos and his involvement in the apocalypse, RAGNAROK finds its creating a long time in coming. Perez has been infatuated with the stories of Norse mythology since childhood and Kettrick, a soon-to-be graduate with degrees in Drama, History and English Literature, has a similar interest in the legends of old. They come together now with Perez's original score and Kettrick's lyrics to create RAGNAROK.

Consider this: what would happen if Loki, once freed from his arduous prison (chained to a rock by his son's entrails while a snake sits on his head and drips poison on his face) were to accidentally summon Seth, the Egyptian god of chaos (banished for the murder and attempted repeat murder of his brother Osiris in his quest for power) at the dawn of the apocalypse? Furthermore, what would happen if these two gods of chaos were to stumble upon Izrafil, the Christian-based angel of Judgment? That's exactly what RAGNAROK: The Twenty-Minute Musical explores.

This even is free to the public.

It runs May 29th at 6:00pm and 7:30pm, May 30th at 7:30pm and May 31st at 4:00pm.

Performances will be held in the Vachon Room in the Fine Arts Building on campus at Seattle University (map).

If there are more patrons than there are seats for any given performance, we will do it again until everyone gets to see it!

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