Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Walking with the Dinosaurs - Key Arena Presented by the BBC

The BBC Presents WALKING WITH THE DINOSAURS at Key Arena from April 29 - May 3, 2009!

The BBC's widely popular televsion series comes to life at Key Arena until May 3rd. Displaying 15 dinosaurs spanning 10 species and several million years, Walking with the Dinosaurs is a spectacular event for all ages, though especially for the kids! The large mechanical dinosaurs weigh in at about 1.6 tons each piece (about an average car) while some of the performers are operated by a suit-wearing puppeteers.

The show was conceived in 1996 when a team from the BBC was inspired to create a television series on paleontology. However, their financial blockade was substantial. Being not long after the premier of Jurassic Park (which only contained about 9 total minutes of dinosaur footage) which cost the studio about nine million dollars, the finances looked shakey. However, when the teams came together, gathering footage of landscapes, creating models of the dinosaurs and other creatures as well as rendering digital models for the filming, everything fell into place. After the television series premiered in 1999 and was immediately acclaimed as a hit, it wasn't a far leap to put their dinos on stage!

And now they're here for Seattle Audiences until SUNDAY! Buy your tickets now!

posted by Andrew J. Perez in association with Nigel Andrews

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