Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Christmas Carol - ACT

A Christmas Carol


November 28-December 27, 2008

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ACT’s A Christmas Carol (adapted by Gregory A. Falls) is one of the longest-running holiday traditions in Seattle. Now in its 33rd year, this production is still as entertaining and charming as ever.

Kurt Beattie’s direction keeps the show remarkably fresh, and the actors’ indefatigable energy will make even the Scrooges of the audience crack a smile. Seán G. Griffin and Allan Fitzpatrick will be alternating the familiar role of Scrooge, and Griffin’s performance for the opening show was endearing, taking the audience along on Scrooge’s journey from crotchety to cheerful. The other actors, swirling about Scrooge in an ensemble of holiday cheer, all carried their various parts strongly.

Photo by Chris Bennion

This year’s production takes a darker turn on the story than the past few years have dared. Marley’s appearance leaps to the side of the truly ghastly and the spirits’ entrances take a much more sudden and startling potency. Michael Wellborn’s lighting design and Chris R Walker’s sound design in conjunction with Steven M Klein’s original sound design lend major hands in creating this somewhat more ghostly story.

Fear not, though; A Christmas Carol is still the beloved holiday classic we all know it to be. ACT does not disappoint with this year’s production and it will, as it always does, awe the audience old and young, cynical and spirited, Scrooge and Cratchit alike.

Review by Lia Morgan and Nigel Andrews

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