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A Christmas Carol - ACT

A Christmas Carol
ACT Theatre
December - 24, 2007
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Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol has been a classic story since its first appearance in 1843. Clocking in as Dickens' shortest story - A Christmas Carol captured the hearts of all who read it, not only for its beautiful imagery and story of love and the holiday spirit, but also for the heartfelt nature of the writing. Being the only story Dickens ever wrote that he wasn't paid for word count by a publisher, it ended up being just thick enough without overly expositing or carrying-on.

Year after year in the holiday spirit theaters across the country put up productions of this story. Seattle is one of those incredibly lucky cities with the ACT producing an incredible show each and every December.

Allen Fitzpatrick as Marley and David Pichette as Scrooge. Photo by Chris Bennion

David Pichette starring as Ebenezer Scrooge in this year's production brings a fantastic portrayal of the crotchety old bugger. Coming just from Twelf Night at the Rep where he performed as Feste, Pichette is one of Seattle's most diverse actors. Surrounding him are many regulars to this production - one of ACT's most valuable assets. Each year, many of the same actors come to perform as their consistent characters in the production. The set and costumes stay consistent and yet, somehow, every performance, every year, year after year, it is always fresh and new. There is always a truly loving energy, one that draws the audience further into this production than any other show in town.

In the spirit of the holidays, it is absolutely the best show to see. There are many shows in the holiday season, but only ACT's A Christmas Carol fuses one of the most classic of literary classics with modern staging technology and creates a show specifically designed to be a mainstay in Seattle.

Review by Nigel Andrews


That guy's dad said...

Well said. I forget sometimes the value of Scrooge and the magic it conveys. Familiarity can breed contempt but your review reminds us all that Scrooge is a classic that can be enjoyed many times especially when it is well done.

kim said...

A friendly review, but I'd like to mention that David's last name is "Pichette", not "Pinchette".