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Mamet Schmamet - Theater Schmeater

Mamet Schmamet
Theater Schmeater
Friday and Saturday at 11pm
November 2 – December 1, 2007
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The world premier of a completely original parody of David Mamet’s style knocks the audience out laughing at Theater Schmeater. Mamet Schmamet is a compilation of four original plays, each about ten to fifteen minutes long, all mimicking the style of David Mamet. For those not familiar with David Mamet, some of his works include Glengarry Glen Ross, American Buffalo (playing at Theater Schmeater through December 1) and his 1990 book of poetry The Hero Pony. His style is one of incomplete thoughts, blunt agendas and rather abrasive language. Needless to say, keep the babysitter an extra hour for this one.

Mamet Schmamet consists of Exam by Alan Harrison, Green Eggs and Mamet by Matt Casarino, Ancient King Sienna by Matt Welton, and Dog Park by Dennis Schebetta. These four short pieces were chosen from the over sixty submissions by a panel of judges and then put on their feet under the direction of David Gassner. It is readily apparent within minutes that these four pieces were the right choices. The cast is divided amongst the four plays and includes Karen Jo Fairbrook, Jill Snyder, J.D. Lloyd, Bill Higham, Jason Marr and Therese Diekhans. With such a small, tight cast, the plays blast the audience with their precision and their hilarity.

The set is a simple one constructed collaboratively. Everything on the actual stage is necessary and is surrounded by an assortment of objects on wooden shelves seeming to close in slowly on every scene. The performers seem to fit perfectly into the world created at Theater Schmeater for this hilarious twisting and rather revolutionary show. This is not a show to be missed – especially not a world premier!

Review by Nigel Andrews

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