Friday, October 12, 2007


Seattle Repertory Theatre
October 4 - November 4, 2007
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Not quite what one would expect behind such a title, Murderers at the Seattle Rep provides a humorous tale of deaths at Riddle Key Nursing Home related by three primary sources (Mark Anders, Joan Porter Hollander, Sarah Rudinoff), each of whom start of the show by proudly stating, “I am a murderer.” From there on the audience is captivated with laughter as they witness each murderer’s interpretation of the acts they committed. Presented on a basic, flexible and stationary set (Carey Wong) that accommodates the needs of all three deviant Riddle Key attendees and employees as they shift from room to office to bar, and coupled with the dynamic use of effective lighting (Rick Paulsen), the show comes alive to the delight of the onlookers.

Photo Credit: Chris Bennion

Almost three shows in one, each actor presents a new and different view onstage, each carrying a different flare of storytelling and captivating the audience in different ways. Viewers are not only transported to a different point of view but to a different psyche entirely, allowing the innocence of one to contrast the craftiness of another.

A well-preformed show of the well-written script by Jeffrey Hatcher, Murderers is a delight that will, in contrast to its title, ironically brighten your evening, and leave you with a smile. Check out this production at the Seattle Rep now through November 4th, and leave much happier than the residents of Riddle Key.

Review by: Rick Skyler

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