Friday, September 14, 2007

Fiddler on the Roof - Seattle Musical Theater

Fiddler on the Roof
Seattle Musical Theater at Magnuson Park
September 14 - 30, 2007

If it’s a traditional show you’re looking for, Fiddler on the Roof at Seattle Musical Theater is what you want. This production holds true to all of the conventions of the show while freshening the style and attitude of the show. Theresa Thuman’s direction of the show doesn’t go too far with changing the ‘traditions’ of the show, but also allows the actors to play to their individual skills and advantages to get the cast to shine as brightly as they can.

Eric Hartley’s performance as Tevye is incredible. His subtlety and his power on stage captivate the audience in a way that not many people can. His stage presence is a spotlight in and of itself. Also, playing Hodel, Megan Carver blows the audience away with her vocal prowess. Providing a surprising amount of power and beauty, she awes the ears of the crowd. The cast as a whole is extremely tight – their connection between each person is visible and nearly palpable. There is no question about who connects well with whom.

Bryan Boyd’s set design utilizes the subtlety of the simplistic while being more functional than most shows available to a Seattle audience. Relying on practicality, each set piece is used for every scene and nothing is superfluous. This allows those experiencing the play to be immersed in the action of the play, not overwhelmed by an overzealous set.

Overall, this show is extremely fun. While a bit more slowly paced than most productions of Fiddler are, the show works very well in the intimate space and provides a great time for the audience. Don’t let the show go by without seeing it. To not see Fiddler on the Roof would just be ‘untraditional.'

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TaylorSwift said...

I've seen different musicals many times and Fiddler was one of my best attended shows ever…I got a pretty good seat after comparing prices for Free from . It was really one of the most memorable shows with a beautiful, smooth-flowing set, gorgeous music and a super talented cast.