Thursday, June 14, 2007

Smokey Joe's Cafe - Dimitriou's Jazz Alley

Smokey Joe's Cafe
Dimitriou's Jazz Alley
June 12-17, 2007
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Aside from the exquisite tuna appetizer and sophisticated environment, this portrayal of the longest-running musical review in the history of Broadway was not only exciting to experience but well received by the audience, who gave the performers a well-deserved standing ovation by the end of the evening. Many members of the audience were captivated by the one on one attention that the cast lavished upon them. This invoked much pleasure and encouragement from everyone, including the wives of the men who were being flirted. Through flirting, rhythmic involvement, and occasionally vocal additions, the audience experienced a concert to be remembered.

Mixing talent stemming from Seattle and extending to New York, the instrumentals and vocals in this performance wove together in a beautiful, harmonic tribute to the classic gift of enjoyment. From powerful ballads to upbeat classics of Leiber and Stoller, the alley was in a constant state of swaying and clapping. Throw in some accent lighting and dashing outfits, and despite choreography that had something to be desire, a spectacle emerges.

The songs ranged from ballads such as Fools Fall in Love, to more upbeat numbers such as Baby That is Rock and Roll and Love Potion #9; they included classics such as On Broadway, hilarious numbers such as Poison Ivy and Don Juan, and crowd energizers like I'm A Woman and Hound Dog.

Each member of the company had a distinct voice quality, with different tones, inflections and personalities, but every voice was extremely talented. Solos were carried with strength and style, but the singers were able to harmonize as well, blending their strong voices.

Join the Alley-goers through this Sunday the 17th as they dance in their seats in front of a divine meal. Tickets are $26.50, and reservations are recommended (contact Jazz Alley via the link above).

Reviewed by Rick Skyler and Lia Morgan

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