Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Nice and the Nasty - Seattle University's Lee Center for the Arts

The Nice and the Nasty
Seattle University
May 10 – May 20, 2007
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There is a war on that is tearing through shopping malls and diners. With who this war is being fought is the big question, though. And what about issues and politics within the company? Has the world gone from peace to the nice versus the nasty, Food Technology versus someone or everything versus itself? That is the premise of The Nice and the Nasty presented by Ki Gottberg and Rosa Joshi at Seattle University. In the food corporation of the future, the styles and the daily activities are all heightened and advanced. When Junius Upsey (Aaron Orheim) invents a device that could solve world hunger and create peace, the already topsy-turvy world goes on its head.

A fantastic ensemble performance, The Nice and the Nasty combines incredible bravado with meek ploys to create a wonderfully juxtaposed show. Aaron Orheim’s performance as the brilliant and mild Junius Upsey is fabulously contrasted with Molly Tomhave’s (Cathexa Heights) and Keith Hazen-Dheim’s (Blade Crevis) power and force.

Directed by Ki Gottberg, this production is an absolute stunner. Her work at Seattle University and off-campus is always exciting and vibrant; this is no exception. Breaking new ground in brightness and action, this show is a wonderful capper to the season which has also included Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov and As You Like It by William Shakespeare. Assisted by Rosa Joshi in the creation of this production, The Nice and the Nasty has elements of everyone involved in it included in the performance.

Standing out especially is the music and sound design used in this production. Dominic CodyKramers’ sound design and Lindsay Smith’s associate work create an unbelievable feel for the show. Completely setting the mood with runway model music and apropos sound effects, the sound design element is fabulous. The costumes, as well, by Harmony J.K. Arnold are spectacular. Straight off of the racks of the most modern fashion and with such vivid colors, the costumes are blindingly beautiful.

This is a fantastic production of The Nice and the Nasty and should not be missed. All of the elements influence each other and play off of each other wonderfully in this ensemble show.

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