Thursday, March 22, 2007

Camelot - The 5th Avenue Theatre

The 5th Avenue Theatre
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March 20 - April 8, 2007

Camelot, written by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederic Loewe (the artistic team behind My Fair Lady, among others) first premiered in 1960 at the Majestic Theater, with Richard Burton as Arthur, Julie Andrews as Guenevere, and Robert Goulet as Lancelot. Since then it has gone through many incarnations, including a 1967 film with Richard Harris, Vanessa Redgrave, and Franco Nero, and revivals in 1987 and 1993.

Now, well-loved Michael York plays Arthur in the production currently running at the Fifth Avenue Theater. It is fun, as it always is, to see someone as well-known as Michael York live in a play; he does a fine job, though not an outstanding one, making an affable, lovable and charming Arthur. James Barbour as Lancelot is bombastic in mannerisms, voice and presence, which suits Lancelot’s character, and makes him a delight to watch and listen to, especially the song “C’est Moi,” our introduction to him. Time Winters, as Sir Pellinore, is the comedian of the night.

The sets, lights, orchestration, choreography and costumes are all as would be expected in a show such as the revival of Camelot; they are simple and clean, with the sophistication characteristic of the Fifth Avenue.

Though clocking in at around two and a half hours, Camelot is an enjoyable and lighthearted show suitable for everyone. The young will enjoy the exciting swordfights and fun music and the more mature crowd will get a kick, as always, out of seeing Michael York bring back the loveable Arthur in his ever-loved home of Camelot.

Review by Lia Morgan and Nigel Andrews

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Anonymous said...

You didn't even mention Rachel York as Guenevere. She's the standout. Her voice is magnificent, and her acting carries the show.