Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Dr. Dolittle - California Musical Theater, Sacramento

The classic tale of the animal-loving Dr. Dolittle done as only Tommy Tune could do it is brought to life for all to enjoy in this finale to the 2005-2006 Broadway Series Season. Song, dance and puppetry are brought together in a festive and exciting show in this production of Dr. Dolittle. Dr. Dolittle's search for innocence from the accusations of murder and the famous Great Pink Sea Snail lead the audience on a 90 minute, intermissionless adventure.

Dr. Dolittle is the show to see if you want to bring your children to the theater this season. The fast-paced nature of the show and short run-time are ideal for children. The plot is easy to follow and is rapidly pushed forward at the speed of a child's imagination. This can lead to some confusion for adults, but as has been proven time and again, when it comes to imaginative adventures children are clearly much more agile and fit for the challenge! The entire show is based on fun, love and open-heartedness. There is not a single moment that does not exude these qualities.

Patti Colombo's and Joel Blum's choreography is the shining star of this production. The exciting tap numbers keep the audience tapping their toes and are very clearly extremely fun for the actors. Kenneth Foy's sets and Ken Billington's lighting designs are elegant and impressive from start to finish. And of course, Tommy Tune's performance shines just as brightly now as it did when he started his career in 1965. Dee Hoty (Lady Emma Fairfax) is an able match for Tune's stage presence and the two compliment each other's styles very well. One of the more entertaining and endearing qualities of this show is the puppetry. All of the animals in their elegance and liveliness come to life by their talented puppeteers.

Though this show isn't any profound piece or incredible score, the show is fantastically fun and a wonderful hour and a half of enjoyment.

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